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The Myths and Truths About Antidepressants: My Article in

The following is an excerpt from my most recent article on about antidepressants.  I don’t advocate the use of antidepressants, despite my own experience with them being extremely positive and valuable during the worst episodes of my life.  But there are millions of us who are on them, regardless of whether we should be […]


3 “Must” Supplements for Those Suffering from Depression

Up until now, Big Pharma has been pretty good at distracting us from the growing body of research on alternative treatment options for depression. Stand aside, boys!  There’s a new sheriff in town…and he’s armed to the teeth with data. Yes, we can finally begin to breathe a sigh of relief.  Alternatives to psychopharmacology are […]


Atypical Depression: The Lesser Known but Surprisingly Common Depression

Did you know that there are multiple kinds of depression? I bet your doc forgot to mentioned that. That’s probably because a lot of doctors don’t think to educate their patients about the differences, thinking we don’t really need to know. Hogwash. Of course we need to know. Why? Because sometimes the doctors miss important […]


Wonderful resource

The US Department of Health and Human Services has put out a very well-written and helpful guide about medications used to treat depression. I highly recommend reading through it at least once. Here’s the link: