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This is me, Alison Lighthall Miller, MSN, RN, sitting on Sunset Beach in Treasure Island, Florida, not far from where I live.  I've been a nurse for more than 30 years and thank the Universe nearly every day for guiding me to such a phenomenal profession.  I've survived nearly dying during childbirth and the PTSD that came afterwards, a crushing divorce that was so painful, I thought my heart would stop, three years in the Army (aged 46-50), near-fatal heat stroke, and some tough trials that come with being a devoted parent to two very bright but highly sensitive kids. After 12 years of being single, the brother of one of my best friends from grade school said Hi to me on Facebook, and now we live very happily in downtown St Pete.  I've guided thousands of people through the worst times in their lives and helped them reclaim their joy and vibrance.

You're here probably because you have the sense that something is just not right--in your life or in your body (probably both!)  Let me guess:  you've tried...

  • meditation, medication, and massage...
  • changing your diet, changing your job, and changing your address...
  • acupuncture, reiki, yoga, juicing...
  • you've watched the PBS health specials...
  • maybe even tackled a bit of counseling at some point

But nothing gave you the fundamental change you were hoping for. 

You still feel...unsettled somehow.  
Afraid.  Lonely.  Directionless.  And in pain.

Well, I've been there.  

And you want to know a huge secret?  So have most of the women you know!  

Don't let those Facebook posts of your high school or college friends' FABULOUS vacations or AMAZING love relationships fool you--those posts are sanitized versions of life, not real life.  Those women are not living perfect, pain-free lives with perfect, pain-free families.  Uh-uh, no way.  They are saddled with sorrows and wounds and massive self-doubt just like the rest of us, but  just don't feel like sharing all of it with the rest of the world.  (Could the same be said for you, too, perhaps?)

My point is, YOU ARE NOT ALONE in how you feel.  Not even close. 

I've been teaching people about health, illness, medications, and effective wellness strategies for over 30 years.  I served as a Captain in the US Army Nurse Corps and am considered an expert in PTSD, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.  I've had extensive training in suicide prevention, cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-oriented therapy and EFT.  

My goal here is to share the decades of information and tactics I've learned along the way to help you heal your sadness or depression, so that you can find your spiritual center and live the vibrant life you were meant to live!

Don't waste another day in needless suffering.  Make an appointment now!  727-366-5040

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Read what others are saying about Alison...

(CPT) Darlene SeverinUS Army Nurse Practitioner

I met Alison during our time together in the Army and have witnessed her to be gifted and skilled in crisis intervention. She is 100% committed to the process. Alison understands the heart of a situation. She has an uncanny ability to ask concrete questions and give calm, compassionate suggestions. She is the real deal!

Having experienced almost every kind of life fire herself, I have found her to come through consistently healed, having more wisdom and humor. To received Alison’s healing intervention is to experience the work of divine intervention.

J. JonesOnline Business Entrepreneur

Working with Alison has been a real godsend to me! She always takes the time to make sure she understands the issue before she responds. So many times professionals at her level think that they know it all and everybody is just another variation they’ve already encountered. You won’t get any of that from her!

She will take in whatever information you give her, ask you questions if she’s not clear on anything and then deliver a solution that is designed specifically for your needs and situation.

She is a highly competent and compassionate healer! You couldn’t be in better hands!

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FREE Report

An Insider's Report on 29 Leading Antidepressants:

Secrets Your Doctor Won't Tell You